"I've now had a chance to take a look at the survey drawings in detail and I would just like to say thanks very much for an excellent job. The abundance of information is astounding. I look forward to working with you in future."

Highways Engineer
Portsmouth City Council

Hampshire Land Surveys
Hampshire Land Surveys Hampshire Land Surveys Hampshire Land Surveys Hampshire Land Surveys

Specialist Garden Surveys

Our Garden Survey specification includes:

  • All garden detail.
  • levels at top and bottom of all topographic features.
  • Ground floor window and door positions with cill and floor levels for planning perspective views.
  • Full colour photographic record of existing site details.
  • Garden drainage including 0.5m contours and irrigation services.
  • All trees and major shrubs with true canopy profile.

What can you expect from us?

Our aim at Hampshire Land Surveys is to provide you with a clear, easy to read, accurate survey. All our drawings are layered with corresponding colours and line-types to ensure everything is clearly legible. Annotation is sized according to the required scale of the final survey and positioned away from detail, a legend is also provided to help you decipher anything we have had to abbreviate.

A senior surveyor is appointed at the beginning of the survey to ensure that there is consistency from start to finish and that the client is always kept up to date with the progress of the works. Preliminary drawings can be issued earlier for priority areas, depending upon your requirements.


Final drawings

The data collected on site is downloaded directly to a computer and processed using specialist software. This information is then used by our CAD technicians to draw and finalize the final drawings. The finished files can then be supplied as:

Hard copies

The completed survey can be printed on paper or stable film (colour or monochrome) using our Hewlett Packard Designjet 800ps plotter.

We can print the following sizes: ANSI A (A4), ANSI B (A3), ANSI C (A2), ANSI D (A1), ANSI E (A0).

Electronic copies

A wide variety of electronic drawing formats can be sent via e-mail directly to the clients CAD Section along with compact disks (CD-R), in DWG, DXF, MossGenio format.

See the full list of file formats we can supply